FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We are MySocialMedia and we sell advertisements to help your business or company grow in a fast and solid way. We have different and various packages for you to choose, based on your necessities and your budget.

When you order any package of advertisements we will enter in contact with you within 24 hours to choose the kind of advertisement that you want, when will it go live, and to discuss some final details. Our services and packages work as posts/advertisements. For example, our packages contain image advertisements, video advertisements, infomercials and more, and since the moment that you pay for your advertisements, they are yours forever. You will be able to choose what package suits you better.

You will receive an email after making an order, with all the informations and necessary receipts. And whenever there is any update on your order, you will receive an email again stating the current status of your order (Ex. Order completed. Waiting for observation)

We sell advertisements for the following social networks:

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